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Luge Carnage
Starring: Jules Sean Damo
Produced By: Muzza

Luge Carnage was filmed at Skyline in Queenstown, New Zealand in August 2002. This video was filmed by Damo with the Kamakaze Helmet Cam, and Muzza filmed the distance shots. Damo had strapped his Video Camera to his helmet while riding the Luge, and Muzza was in between Luge rides himself and luckily managed to catch this footage.
We hope you find this video as funny as we did! Any comments are welcome.

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The video is available in Windows Media and Real Video Formats, at Modem (56k) and Broadband (384k) speeds.
If you are using a modem, but want to watch the higher quality Broadband video, you can download the file to your PC and then watch the video locally from your PC.

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