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ANZ Internet Banking
Lloyds TSB Offshore Internet Banking
Datek Online Share Trading on OFEX
UK Pound to Aus $ conversion
Seek JobSearch in Perth

  Computing Links

InfoWorld.Com Computing News

  Computer Magazines

UK Magazines:
.Net Magazine
PC Gear Magazine
PC Format Games Magazine

Australian Magazines:
Australian Personal Computer

  News Links

Australian News
BBC Online News
The West Australian Newspaper
MSNBC Online News
CNN Online News

  Online Shopping Links
AV-Store - Sony Online Shop - Cheap UK Electronics Shop - for all your DVD and video needs

  Sporting Links

Official Australian Rules Football Site
Official Australian Cricket Board Site
West Coast Eagles Official Website
SportsWatch Website

Below is a list of links to Sports Sites I was involved in developing:
Official Manchester United Site
Official British Open Golf Site
Official FISA World Rowing Site
Official European Tour Site
Official Indian Cricket Site

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