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  Monaco Grand Prix 2001

It was a long held ambition of mine to visit Monte Carlo for the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix - and in May 2001 I achieved it. We stayed in a hotel outside Nice, France - and travelled to Monaco on the Sat for Qualifying by taxi. The taxi was rather flash - it had a PlayStation with screens in the headrests - so I raced the Monaco Circuit in a F1 Game on the way to watch qualifying! Cool :-)
On the Sunday we took the Train in to Monaco early to get a good viewing spot on the cliff below the Palace in General Admission and watched the race.
After the race was over, I walked the entire circuit - including picking up some rubber from the famous Monaco tunnel!


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Monaco F1 Qualifying Video

Monaco F1 Race Video

Monaco Circuit Walk Video
High Quality DivX!! (48MB)

Monaco Scenery Video

Nice Video


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