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Hi. Welcome to my website.
Originally, I am from Wickepin, a small farming town in Western Australia.
After studying Computer Science from 1993 to 1995 at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, I worked as a Computer Programmer in Perth for several years.
In August 1999 I moved to London, and worked for TWIi as a web developer up until June 2002. During my time at TWIi I developed several high profile sporting websites including:, and among others.
I have recently arrived back home in Perth after backpacking my way around the world since June.


After living in Perth, the most remote city on earth, I really enjoyed the opportunity to travel that the location of London offered. I have developed some websites documenting some of the trips I have taken so far:
   My Travels - Photos and Videos from my travels while abroad
   Contiki Simply Italy Tour - June 2002
   Contiki Wild Western Tour - Sept 2001
   Contiki Greek Island Hopping Tour - July 2000
   Contiki Egypt Tour - Sept 1999

During my time in London, I visited the following places:
   America, Belgium, St Lucia, Monaco, Nice, Dublin, Paris, Italy, Amsterdam, Munich, Egypt, Athens and the Greek Isles, Barcelona, Costa Del Sol and Gibralter, Turkey, Canada and New Zealand.

  Sporting Events

I have been lucky enough to attend some major sporting events during my time in London.

I have seen Australia beat South Africa at Twickenham in the Rugby World Cup Semi Final, Australia beat France at Cardiff in the Rugby World Cup Final, Australia beat England at Lords and at The Oval in the 2001 Ashes (spot the theme here!), seen Michael Schumacher win at Monaco in 2001, seen Michael Schumacher become the greatest driver ever by winning his 52nd Grand Prix at Spa in 2001, and seen Australia beat Ireland in Dublin in the International Rules Series. I also visited Wimbledon during the 2001 tournament.

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