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Day 10 � Mykonos

Today off to Paradise Beach. We had our own area of sun lounge�s and umbrella�s set up on the beach (this one a white pebbled beach) and directly behind it were tables and chairs and cocktail bars galore, shops and eateries. Gimpy had told us of the many naked sites he had seen along the Mykonos coastline and there was more to be seen today. One end of the beach had a few naked bathers and a lot of topless women everywhere you looked. There was a little boat you could jump on that would take you around the corner to Super Paradise Beach, apparently this is complete nudity.

This was a great day, we had a huge lunch that was provided and was far too much to eat. We started sipping Cocktails about 4 and Gimpy did his rendition of "Sex Bomb" (our Holiday anthem). It was Gimpy�s favourite song and he performs it very well. Click here to see the video of Gimpy performing Sex Bomb.

Once 5 came around, the music pumped up even more and the dancing and drinking kicked in. Some more bar top dancing was going on around us. There sure were some interesting sites at Paradise Beach!

Made it back to the Hotel and freshened up before meeting a few of the others to take advantage of the 2 for the price of 1 Cocktails that the Rhapsody bar was having between 8.30pm & 10.00pm. We grabbed a Gyros (cooked meat in pitta bread) before starting to slam down those Cocktails. This followed by another visit to the Skandi Bar and then on to another Club called Sabbia.

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