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Day 9 � Paros to Mykonos

Another sleep in today after the big night last night. More chilling by the pool waiting until our coach collected us to take us for our 45 minute fast ferry ride to Mykonos.

Time for another Siesta when we arrived in Mykonos. YEAH, this was the first time (since Athens) that we�d had air conditioning in our room and even a bar fridge, talk about luxury! The room was completely shuttered as well which made it really dark even during the day, which was great for sleeping in and those afternoon Siesta's.

Tonight we had dinner in the Hotel. Our Hotel was up high on one of the cliffs so we had a fantastic view of Mykonos and watched a beautiful sunset where a lot more photo�s were taken. Then it was off to the Skandi Bar that had been recommended to us by a friend and also happened to be Gimpy's hangout whilst in Mykonos.

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