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Day 7 � Paros

Off to experience some of the Paros culture this morning, hah hah. Gimpy thought he was real funny. He takes us to an old Marble Mine. It�s about 45 degrees and we all get out of the coach and walk along this rocky path to what we believe is the old Marble Site. Unbeknown to us, Gimpy had actually stopped us before we got there. We were not very impressed at what we saw, but pulled out the camera�s anyway and a few of the guys even got down on the ground and had pictures of themselves taken scratching away at the surface hoping to find Marble!! Gimpy then wanders off further down the track and wonders why noone is following him. He then comes back to tell us that he was only joking and that the real Site was further down the track. As you can imagine, we weren�t amused but followed him down there anyway only to find out that it wasn�t much of an improvement on the place that we�d all just been taking photo�s at, so we didn�t bother climbing the hill to have a closer look.

Our next stop was Naoussa, a tiny fishing village. This is a beautiful little village where we stopped for an hour to have some breaky and top up those water supplies again. A few pictures taken here before we headed off to Punda Beach Club � let the fun begin! This place is pretty much the Club Med of Paros. It�s a Club right on the beach with a swimming pool with the usual sun lounge�s and umbrella�s, cocktail bars, restaurant, few little shops etc. The music pumps all day long and there are bronzed people everywhere all in their skimpy little bathers. They also have a Bungee set up here from a crane that operates above the pool. About 6 people from our tour did it, click here to go to the video library to see some streaming video of the bungee. We had a few hours here to work on our suntans before heading back to our Hotel.

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