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Day 11 � Mykonos

Tonight was time for another seafood fix, so we got a small group together and made our way to the Sunset Restaurant in Little Venice, a beautiful little place right on the water�s edge where you can watch the sunset.

After dinner it was back to the Skandi Bar to meet up with the rest of the gang before we all headed to the Down Under Bar where we�d found out that they were selling Cocktails for 1,000 drx (about Aus$5.00) through to midnight. Again the Contiki crew were met with more Shots, this was becoming a habit everywhere we went. The Manager of the Club then decided that just for the Contiki crew we could have Cocktails all night for 1000 drx, ALRIGHT!!

The Down Under Bar was good fun, they played some great music. They had a lot of fluorescent lights in there that make everything white really glow and your skin look really brown. One of the girls in our group (Hi Tania!) had on a cream chiffon dress and was wearing white underwear underneath. Well, under those lights she may as well not have been wearing the dress as all you could see was her glowing underwear, of course all the guys wanted pictures taken with her!

Gimpy was the star attraction tonight with "Sex Bomb" being played twice, he was in heaven, surrounded by all the girls as we danced the night away.

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