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Day 5 � Santorini

This morning we headed out to experience a bit of the Santorini Culture. It started with a coach trip to the very top of Santorini where a solitary Monk resides. Man was it windy up there, you literally had to hang on to your hats or you�d lose them. Again, we had a local tour guide who didn�t stop pumping us with information throughout the whole coach ride, she certainly knew her stuff, but don�t expect us to be able to repeat any of it, thankfully, we have books for that!

This was followed up by a guided tour through an Archaeological Site, called Akrotiri. The site at Akrotiri has yielded the remains of a Minoan city destroyed around 1500 BC by an eruption of the volcano on Thira. This was pretty awesome to see, although it was extremely hot the day we visited, so our enthusiasm had dispersed towards the end.

Then after all the walking around in the heat of the day we stocked up our water supplies and headed off towards Red Beach. This is a beach surrounded by red volcanic rock and instead of the lovely white sandy beaches back in Oz it was tiny pieces of red volcanic rock which was very hot to walk on as the temperature was probably 45. Practically every beach you go to in Greece they have sun lounge�s and umbrella�s set up that you pay to use - great idea. We grabbed a group of sun lounges and stripped down to our bathers before running to the ocean, our first swim in the ocean for quite some time. Instant goose pimples, the water was absolutely freezing, but so refreshing in the heat. You had to either struggle to put your shoes on before you made your way back to the sun lounge�s or run for your life barefooted as the ground was so hot.

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