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Day 4 � Santorini

After sweltering through the night in our extremely hot room, we dragged ourselves out of bed and pulled on the bathers before stumbling out to the pool and diving straight in, best hangover cure there is!

Today was spent lazing by the pool, eating and drinking. Tonight we headed out to a little town called Oia (this is the picturesque town that you see printed all over postcards with it�s blue domed churches, white buildings etc.) to watch the sun set while sipping wine and eating cheese. This town truly is beautiful. Lots of little windy streets that you could easily get lost in with lots of little shops to attract you to spend up. This was a great photo/video stop. Practically all of the tour came along to this evening (it was an optional tour) so we took advantage of the opportunity to have a group shot taken of all of us. We spotted a couple of Greek guys and handed them all our cameras (about 25 of them!) and asked them to take pictures of us. We then fed them some cheese and gave them some wine afterwards as a thank you. 3 of the girls in our tour speak fluent Greek which certainly came in handy for times like these.

After arriving back at our Hotel later on we wandered into the little town of Kamari (near our Hotel) for a bite to eat. First though, we had to take out some money as we�d already gone through our first lot of cash. Gimpy took us on a little adventure, he thought he knew where the ATM was, but he ended up leading us on a wild goose chase, only having to return to the Hotel to ask them where it was! As it turned out, we were only a street away from where it was, but had turned off too early. So, we finally make it to the ATM, but guess what��NO CASH in the machine!

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